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  • Print On Demand

    Print on demand (POD) is a printing technology in which copies of a book are printed against a specific order for a fixed quantity (even small quantities like 50 or 100 books) unlike the conventional method where books are first printed in bulk quantity and kept in stock.

    Print on demand is also used to print and reprint “niche” books that may have a high retail price but limited sales opportunities, such as specialist academic works. An academic publisher may be expected to keep these specialist titles in print even though the target market is almost saturated, making further conventional print runs uneconomic.

    POD services can be used to make sure that books remain available when one print run has sold out, but another has not yet become available. This maintains the availability of older titles whose future sales may not be great enough to justify a further conventional print run. This can be useful for publishers with large backlists, where sales for individual titles may be low, but where cumulative sales may be significant.

    Our print-on-demand platform lets you print as needed and when needed. So you don’t have to keep in stock large inventories of a book or print material, thereby reducing storage and inventory accounting costs.

    We can print short run quantity as low as 50 – 100 copies with a variety of binding options – perfect binding, section stitching, saddle stitching or hard bound.